I really quite enjoy doing Foliage!

With this, I just wanted to create a small Biome-Presentation of some of my foliage assets that I've created. All of the assets in the scene were sculpted in Zbrush and then textured in either Designer or Painter (depending on individual need). The tree's were made in SpeedTree.

I've provided a small breakdown of how I lay out my Atlas' towards the bottom. I generally tend to follow the following packing method (though it admittedly depends on the Master Material I'm working with):
- Albedo and Opacity (Opacity in Alpha)
- Normal
- Merge Map ( R = Metallic, G = Roughness, B = AO, A = SubSurface)

As always, Feedback and Crit is always welcome - always looking for ways to improve my workflow and assets!

James ward foliage01
James ward foliage04
James ward foliage02
James ward foliage03
James ward wildfloweratlaspres
James ward wildfloweratlasnormalpres
James ward fernatlaspres
James ward fernatlasnormalpres
James ward fungiatlaspres
James ward fungiatlasnormalpres
James ward grassatlaspres
James ward grassatlasnormalpres
James ward plantsatlaspres
James ward plantsatlasnormalpres
James ward pineatlaspres
James ward pineatlasnormalpres