Abandoned Throne Room - Blog 03

Work In Progress / 25 April 2019

The internet is a fickle thing, am I right?

So the plan was to get this uploaded on Tuesday, but I've had internet issues for the last few days - turns out it was an Ethernet cable on its way out.

In any case, I've made some progress since and I'm here to share what I've done so hopefully it can help someone out at some point down the line :).


The Trimsheet was fun to go back and play with. Previously it was incredibly under-used and was made more for testing an idea out rather than really going to town on some cool tiling details. When I'd started off the scene, I'd made the original, but it just wasn't enough. So, after watching Tim Simpson's video on Trims (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IziIY674NAw ), I finally got my head down and went back and revised it. The result is much better.

The new Trim was blocked out in Maya and then I did a pass over it in Zbrush, smashing out edges, adding some damage with the Averkin Environment Brushes (Link: https://gumroad.com/averkin ) and then just baked down to a plane. The material was just a simple matter of baking out some Colour ID's and applying materials I'd already made for the scene in Designer.

For taking the 1024 texture into engine, I made a Merge-Map following the same packing order I've used throughout this project:

R = Metallic

G = Roughness

B = AO

A = Height

In-engine, I've set up some POM with my Trim, but I'm not entirely sure if it's even worth having in the long run. For now, I have it in, and I can always come back at a later date and make a final decision.

The Scene:

 So I wasn't too happy with the floor of my scene. After going back and looking at a few references, I noted that the floor was far too cracked and damaged for what I had in mind. As a result, I swapped out the material and re-designed how I would have my floor.

I had been looking at what to do with the floor-space for a while, as I want a viable way for the tree to get nutrients, and up until now, there had been no discernible water-source for something that large, not to mention all the other foliage I plan on adding.

Early on in the concepting stage, I wanted some form of water channel or 'trough' to cut through the floor with bridges over it. I was thinking of how I could help the composition and lead the eye further towards the throne and came up with the idea of having the trough in the place of the 'rug' I had previously planned.

I quickly ran into the problem of my large, modular floor pieces now no longer fit the large circular shape by the throne. As a result, I've decided to just have a large floor piece with some loops cutting through it every 1.5m. This may seem quite pointless and messy, but this actually works incredibly well in-tandem with my marble floor material for Vertex Painting later on. I'll demonstrate it at a later date when I actually get to that stage to save repeating myself.

To get the shape, it was a simple Boolean operation and then I just cleaned up the two or three verts that were left over. For this particular Bool, I used the DCBoolManager plug-in, but the standard would work just fine.

The modelling is very basic and simple at the moment as I need to take it through Zbrush yet and add a few more details. It's currently in-engine and as soon as it's sorted, I'll be moving onto the tree! Really excited to get back into this and make this something to be proud of!

Here are some current screengrabs from UE4. I think the first Camera angle needs to be played with a little bit, but it's starting to shape up a bit more!